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Current Weather - S.F. Bay Region

View From Mt. Hamilton overlooking San Jose 
or go to Mt. Hamilton web cam site


View From San Jose State looking West Northwest
or go to SJSU web cam site

View from Berkeley of SF Bay
Bay Bridge is to left, and Golden Gate is slightly right of center
or go to Lawrence Hall of Science web cam site

S.F. Bay & Monterey Bay Cloud Imagery
The Navy Research Labs produces excellent satellite imagery for identifying where the marine layer is located, both day and night. The marine layer will always show up in white.  High level clouds, which can obscure the marine layer below, are white in the daytime and black at night.  Go to their web site to see past images or animate the images and see a tutorial.  


Half Moon Bay Airport 
or go to San Carlos Pilots Association website 

Other Weather Sources
Exploratorium web cam view of SF Bay

NWS - Bay Area Doppler Radar - Mt Umunhum site

NWS - Domestic Satellite image

NWS - Aviation Weather homepage
          Turbulence     Icing    Prog Charts    Satellite   Radar 
          Pilot Reports    Winds Aloft









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(current weather info)













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